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Founding Partners

Quality, Experience, and Hands-on Service

The ingredients that make our team stand out and the KEY to the success of every event we undertake



Lily is a licensed interior designer with over 25 years of hospitality design  experience in the US and Asia. With a Bachelor’s degree in interior design at the University of Santo Thomas, and continuing at the University of California, Los Angeles, she studied Tropical and Contemporary Floral design with Silverio Casabar, an award winning floral  designer. She is  certified in Event Planning and Design from Sheffield School in New York.



Educated in California and working for over 25 years as a respectable nurse in California, Pilar has  never put her passion to create some form of art or craft with her hands on the side. She has  proven in the years of creative styling and contributes immensely to the success of the events LPF Inc has encountered. Pilar brings quality workmanship that completes our design into something unique  and different.



Fe has over 20 years of experience in floral design and event planning. She has designed and coordinated many weddings, debuts, and corporate events. She also specializes in hospitality floral arrangements  and has showcased her  talents in several hotels across the United States.  Fe studied under the influential and internationally known American floral designers Phil Rulloda and Mina Asadirad.



With years of experience in the business industry in the Philippines, Cedric performs as the  glue of the company that holds the team in place. With an education in business, he assumes   leadership and is the overall planner of all event service implementation. He communicates the strategy that sets the direction and with his clear direction, the team rallies together to make it  happen.